Called To Influence

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 Influence from a Kingdom Perspective

Matthew 6:10 Jesus teaches us to pray, ‘Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.’ On earth as it is in heaven became a co-existing reality when Jesus came to earth and as God’s sons and daughters we now have access to his Kingdom though not in its fullness until Jesus returns. 

To go out and bring cultural transformation in your area(s) of influence requires you to understand what ‘kingdom come’ really means. When Jesus talked about the Kingdom being at hand, his Jewish audience knew exactly what he was talking about but over the years our understanding of the Kingdom has eroded, like a cliff disappearing into the sea, changing the landscape of our faith. When Jesus talks about Kingdom he is referencing Isaiah 61 that outlines the signs of the Kingdom; Salvation, Healing, Freedom (Deliverance), Peace, Joy Justice (Righteousness), Comfort and God's Presence. Do you realize you have the opportunity to powerfully tap into all of these and bring them from heaven to earth as you encounter people on a daily basis? 

Once we understand and focus on Kingdom values and recognize through our identity that we have access to them, the opposite of these become a target for our attention as we learn to pray and take authority over them. If you come up against anger, bring peace, when you encounter despair offer comfort, when there is hopelessness and heaviness provide hope and joy. Praying for and declaring God’s presence can change any situation. 

We express the thoughts that fill our consciousness, so fill your every thought with the truth of the Kingdom.  Take every opportunity to change the Christian landscape to one that is outwardly reflecting the character of God and start to influence society from a Kingdom perspective.