Skalierung von Leiterschaft anhand biblischer Weisheit - Neubewertung und Wachstum von Führungsqualität

Scaling Leadership with Biblical Wisdom

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Rinse and Repeat

You did it! Congratulations on making it through the first seven days of the Scaling Leadership with Biblical Wisdom Bible Plan. You might be wondering, “If I did it, why am I not done?” That’s an excellent question, and today’s lesson might be the most important of all. 

Let’s call it Rinse and Repeat. 

If you read this plan daily, then you absorbed six concepts and principles. The odds are, you haven’t had time to fully process all of those concepts or put them into practice yet. This can often be a significant challenge for all of us. We learn such great information, but that new learning and knowledge doesn’t really have time to sink in and turn into new habits and routines that will really produce the change we desire. 

What’s the Rinse and Repeat challenge? Right now, I want you to go back to one of the previous six days and choose the day that spoke to you the most. Pick the day you had that gut-punch or aha moment. Choose one of these concepts to be your focus for the next week. Read the devotion again, dive back into the Scripture, and save one of the Scriptures to your Bible App prayer List. 

Once you have the key Scripture and concept saved into your prayer list, meditate and think about it daily. Rinse and repeat for the next seven days! My prayer for you is that you will see new habits and routines that will produce true transformation. 

This is what James Clear says about Continuous Improvement:

Let's define Continuous Improvement. Continuous Improvement is a dedication to making small changes and improvements every day, with the expectation that those small improvements will add up to something significant.

The typical approach to self-improvement is to set a large goal, then try to take big leaps in order to accomplish the goal in as little time as possible. While this may sound good in theory, it often ends in burnout, frustration, and failure. Instead, we should focus on Continuous Improvement by slowly and slightly adjusting our normal everyday habits and behaviors.

Rinse and Repeat, and strive for Continuous Improvement each and every day. Just think, if you get 1% better each day for one year, you'll end up 37 times better by the time you’re done.

Thank you for reading Scaling Leadership with Biblical Wisdom. I pray it was beneficial and enlightening and that it ultimately helps you become a better leader. If you want to stay up to date with my writings, what I am learning, and my general musings, you can subscribe to my free weekly email dispatch here

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Scaling Leadership with Biblical Wisdom

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