Skalierung von Leiterschaft anhand biblischer Weisheit - Neubewertung und Wachstum von Führungsqualität

Scaling Leadership with Biblical Wisdom

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Audacious Expectations

I’m part of an amazing ministry and church called Life.Church, and we have some aligning values that really drive home the concept of Audacious Expectations. One I want to share with you is this:

We are faith-filled, big-thinking, bet-the-farm risk-takers.

We’ll never insult God with small thinking and safe living.

How often do you limit God and what He has in store for your life? Seriously, ponder that for a moment. How do your biggest ideas and boldest prayers stack up to His desires and plans for you in this world? Maybe you fall on the other side of the spectrum and struggle to get beyond your fear of failure, or you just don’t think God cares that much about your efforts or desires. 

No matter where you find yourself, realize that God does care about you. He stands ready to do immeasurably more than we can ask or even imagine because His plans are far better than ours. Knowing this, I still find myself constantly limiting God with my small thinking and safe living. It’s honestly embarrassing, and I don’t like admitting it. You might be thinking, “How does one of the founders of the YouVersion Bible App think too small?” Well, that’s the perfect example that I continually go back to. 

When we started YouVersion, we had NO idea what was possible or what God had in store for this little idea that started as a pretty bad and clunky website. From that half-baked idea to now, we get to see every country and territory engaging in the Bible every second of the day on phones, tablets, computers, and other smart devices. All glory and praise be to God! As we were obedient over time, we realized God wanted to bless it and breathe life into it. This is just one reminder for me that God stands ready to bless our obedience, our commitment, and our stepping out in faith when we seek to honor Him.

YouVersion is just one example. Where I once had a lack of faith, I now have the blessing of hindsight to see so many endeavors and efforts I’ve stepped into that God has blessed. How about you? Where are you playing it safe? If you’re not sure, maybe you should ask yourself where are you afraid to fail? Maybe it’s a fear of rejection or a fear of inadequacy or unworthiness. These fears can and will push us all into playing it safe and limiting God’s ability to work through us. 

Having audacious expectations for what God can and will do is a fundamental part of scaling your leadership. Setting goals that are beyond the realm of possibility because we’re expecting God to show up is having audacious expectations. Believing and leading toward the future in faith is a part of the journey we’re on as Christ-followers. 

Every moment of every day we get to choose what we think and what we believe. Our thoughts are a choice so let’s choose them wisely and choose what honors God. As you go into today’s reading, I challenge you to really process the story of Jonathan and his armor-bearer. Get a real sense for the audacious expectations they had. Our daily decisions don’t really resemble Jonathan’s, but our faith and our mindset sure can. 

God, speak to me now as I open your Word. Let these words pour deep into my spirit and give me faith and courage that honors and glorifies You. 

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Scaling Leadership with Biblical Wisdom

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