Att be om Guds vägledning

Praying for God’s Direction

DAG 1 AV 3

Let’s pray and thank God that He will be our guide through life. He is not a God who keeps us guessing but will reveal His way so that we can walk in it.

Holy God, you always provide a light for me; to direct me and guide me on the path which you have chosen as the best way for me to go. 

I lift up your name in praise, knowing that I can depend on you to show me your way. I thank you for your wisdom, which stretches even into the future in order to guide and direct me toward my best possible outcome. 

I love you, God, and I want to know how to follow you better. May your glory and goodness overshadow my doubts and confusion. Break through all my questions and show me the path toward life, peace, and love. 

I praise you that you have always given me more than I deserve, and that you offer a love that guides me every step of the way. In Jesus' name, amen.

What are you thankful for today?

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Praying for God’s Direction

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