Can You Still Trust God?


Would you say that yours is a holy life and that you are walking in obedience to God? If not, you may have yielded to some satanic attack, believed the devil’s lie, and given yourself over to him in some way. What may have seemed like an innocent temptation at first can eventually exert a viselike grip on you. Christians are to be under God’s control, but the enemy ultimately wants you under his influence, and he will do his best to destroy everything good in your life. Satan’s objectives are very clear, namely, to draw believers away from God and cheat the Lord out of the glory He deserves. As long as the devil is around, we will suffer his assaults, so the question is not how to avoid satanic attacks, but how to overcome them.

Paul laid out the battle plan in the sixth chapter of Ephesians. First, we must identify the enemy (vv. 11–12); second, we are to dress in the full armor of God and stand firm (vv. 13–17). The next verse reveals the key to withstanding Satan’s attacks: we must appropriate the strength of the living God. How do we get His power into our lives, to be unleashed in any and every circumstance? There is only one way: by prayer (v. 18).

It is through prayer that the Lord releases His energy, divine power, and protection, enabling us to live a godly, holy, and peaceful life regardless of our circumstances. It is only through prayer that our minds and spirits can discern what the average person cannot detect. Only through prayer can we sense forewarnings of Satan’s attacks, which can be aimed anywhere—finances, family, relationships, or health. The one thing Satan hates above all else is the believer who knows how to persist in prayer and claim the promises of God. The enemy has no defense against persevering prayer, which crushes his might and sends him running. On the other hand, when we do not pray, we set ourselves up for defeat.