Can You Still Trust God?


Your relationship with God is not based upon your good deeds. It is not based upon your offering of a blood sacrifice at a designated shrine, your doing a series of charitable acts of kindness, or your belonging to a particular denomination. It is not based upon anything that you produce, achieve, or earn.

Rather, your relationship with God is based upon belief—your believing that Jesus Christ is God’s Son come in the flesh and that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Behavior is the substance of religion. Belief is the substance of this relationship.

You don’t have to wonder if you have done enough to get good enough for God. You can say, “I believe in You, God, as the Giver of life. I believe in what Jesus did on the cross to give me life abundant and life forever. I accept Your plan!”

So many people I know live under a terrible cloud of “I hope I’ve done enough to please God.” They hope they’ve read enough of the Bible and prayed enough. They hope God will forgive them. They hope they’ll be considered worthy of heaven.

Such hope isn’t true hope.

True hope lies in saying, “Thank You, God, for saving me! Thank You for loving me! Thank You for Jesus Christ and what He did for me on the cross! Thank You for giving me Your Holy Spirit to guide me and comfort me!” Be very clear in your spirit on this point: your behavior and the state of your soul are two distinct things in God’s eyes. Once you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior and have accepted God’s love and forgiveness, you are His eternally. There is nothing that can separate you from Him.

Your relationship with God is based upon what Jesus has done, not what you have done, do now, or will do. Your relationship is solely based upon what Jesus did on the cross. You may make mistakes, but Jesus does not. You may be imperfect, but He is perfect. God’s forgiveness is based upon His plan that has been fulfilled through Christ Jesus.

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