Prayer: Daily Conversations With God


Day Six: A Challenge

Pray for the needs of our nation

With all the bad news blaring from the headlines about national unrest, broken systems, and lost lives, I can quickly grow immune to thinking about the pain of this world. I can become cynical and jaded thinking everything is just on an unstoppable downward spiral and prayers from little ol’ me won’t do anything to stop it. I can scroll past the atrocities and the injustices without even batting an eye. And I can watch as my compassion dwindles, my heart hardens, and my eyes lose any sight of hope on the horizon. 

Praying for our nation, no matter which country we call home can seem inconsequential. If you’ve been alive long enough, you can start to believe that nothing is going to stop the sin and brokenness of this place. You can think all there is to do is to bide our time until Jesus returns and makes all things right. 

But followers of Christ aren’t asked to merely sit on the sidelines and watch the trainwreck happen. We are encouraged, commanded dare I say, to enter into the darkness of the world through prayer. We aren’t supposed to share the same apathetic approach to life this side of heaven as those who don’t know the love and hope of Jesus. No, we are not to sit idly by and watch the world burst into flames nor is our battle against one another. A Christian watches the news and knows that what is going on is more than people behaving badly, it’s an all-out spiritual war. 

Instead of letting your heart build up a wall against the evils and ills you hear or read about on earth, let it break your heart instead. Then, take that grief and sorrow to the One who can do something about it. Is there a specific issue going on in your country that is pressing on your soul? Talk to God about it. Does the political climate and division make you saddened? Pray for unity. Do you feel outraged when you hear about yet another tragedy or moral failure? Engage with God over it. 

Don’t let the evil and brokenness here convince you that prayer is not an effective weapon. It is the most useful tool in our arsenal so wield it often. 

Prayer Prompt: Dear God, You see this particular concern I have about our nation. God, will You please help, rescue, comfort, deliver, rectify?

■ Pray for your national leaders and current issues concerning and affecting those in your nation.

■ Pray for those in the military, those who are vulnerable and in need in your country, and for peace in the world.