Prayer: Daily Conversations With God


Day Three: Ask 

Express your confidence that God sees and hears you when you pray

This is the part in our journey together that most of us don’t struggle with when it comes to our conversations with God: asking. You can probably easily think of a long list of needs, concerns, and questions you’d like to see answered. Asking God for help is usually not hard for us. 

Perhaps the struggle comes in how we categorize our requests. Some, we never lift up to Him out of fear that they are too menial or unimportant. We think God doesn’t care about that dream we have or that small detail in our life. We think He only wants the holy, sanitized version of our appeals. 

But God is the God of details. We see it in every unique design of a snowflake, in the diversity He created in nature, and the differences He designed in every individual. He cares about every thought, every idea, and every hope you are holding onto. 

So today is the day to let Him know everything you are thinking about, dreaming of, and desiring in your life. He wants to hear about the hard and serious circumstances you want to see movement in as well as the whimsical and lofty goals you have for your life. He wants to know the worries that keep you up at night about the ones you love. He wants to know where you desire to see His hand move in your life and the lives around you. 

This isn’t the day to be shy. This is the day to let Him know everything you are thinking and desiring. Take the time to layout each and every need as well as your wants. He may not answer with an unequivocal “YES!” to all you lay before Him but just by sharing those thoughts and feelings, you’ll see your relationship with Him grow deeper.

Prayer Prompt: Dear God, today I lay my requests before you for ____________. 

■ Share a desire of your heart, a concern you have, or a need you want to see met. 

■ Share a request on behalf of someone in your life or a hope you have for the future.