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Christ as Man: A Study in Luke

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What does it say?

Luke wrote the Gospel account so the truth would be known. Gabriel, an angel, sent by God, announced the coming births of John and Jesus.

What does it mean?

Gabriel’s birth announcements brought about a question from each of the recipients. Zachariah’s request for a sign revealed the doubt hidden within his heart, and he was disciplined accordingly. However, Mary’s question was not one of doubt but one of wonder. She didn’t ask for proof but was curious about how this could be since she was a virgin. Her faith in God never wavered, and she humbly submitted herself to His will. Joy filled Elizabeth, Mary, and Zechariah for salvation through Mary’s holy Child, the promised Messiah. They gave all praise to God.

How should I respond?

God has revealed His message to us through Scripture. What is your first impulse when the Lord speaks to you through His Word concerning your life? Do you believe what He says, or do you have doubts and question God Almighty? Remember, all things are possible with God (Mark 10:27). “All” may only be a three-letter word, but it includes everything. What is hindering you from fully surrendering to the service He has in store for you? Ask the Lord to give you a willing and obedient heart, and then praise Him for the work He will accomplish through you.



Christ as Man: A Study in Luke

Luke’s Gospel is a beautiful and powerful telling of the life of Jesus. Luke focuses on Jesus as the Son of Man, the foretold Messiah who came to “seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10). This Gospel shows us the “Upside-Do...