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Daily Bible Reading – May 2021 God’s Word of Spiritual Renewal

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May 1


Today’s reading begins with a prophetic call to preach the good news, and the message includes words of comfort and consolation. A time of prosperity and everlasting joy is promised.

Today’s Scripture Reading: Isaiah 61:1-11

Today’s Key Verse: Isaiah 61:11

As surely as seeds sprout and grow, The Sovereign LORD will save his people, And all the nations will praise him.


Reread verses 1 and 2. Verse 1 describes the prophet as one who has been chosen and sent. Another word for “chosen” used in other translations is “anointed.” This indicates that the prophet has been chosen or anointed for a divine commission. What is the mission? What is the good news? Jesus quotes these verses in his inaugural sermon at the beginning of his public ministry (Luke 4:18, 19). What good news can you proclaim today?


Sovereign Lord, fill me with your Spirit and empower me to proclaim the good news of your love and salvation. Fill my heart with the joy and gladness that comes from you. Amen.

Prayer Concern

Those in need of healing

Tomorrow’s Reading

Isaiah 6:1-13: God calls Isaiah to be a prophet

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Daily Bible Reading – May 2021 God’s Word of Spiritual Renewal

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