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Living Changed: Purpose

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Created for Purpose

Each of us was born to fulfill a specific purpose in this world. Even though we might not choose to acknowledge it, or have it figured out yet, God designed every single person with an incredibly unique combination of gifts that He wants to use to grow His Church. Thankfully, God has placed clues in our hearts and, through the Holy Spirit, guides us to discover our purpose.

As children, we have such big imaginations. We create characters and whole worlds where we see ourselves as capable of anything. The sky's the limit! We haven’t learned what to fear or been told we can’t. We’re not yet confined by life’s harsh realities or worried about status. We’re confident in who we are and free to play out our dreams.

I can remember playing in the front yard in my superhero pajamas with the matching top and bottom. I was Wonder Woman, rescuing the world from danger! I’d stand guard on the porch with my hands on my hips, and at the first sign of trouble, I would jump in to save the day. Even after playing all day long, I wouldn’t get tired of it.

When I got older, I wondered why I’d had that particular desire when I was little. It became clear to me that even as a child, I wanted to help those who couldn’t help themselves. As a pastor, that’s exactly what I get to do today. I work tirelessly to rescue people from the gates of hell by leading them to The Rescuer. I know God put me on this earth to help save people. He put that desire in me from the beginning.

Maybe you didn’t want to be a superhero. Instead, you followed a nightly bedtime routine for all your dolls, or set up a class of stuffed animals to teach. Maybe you pretended to heal the sick, report the news, or explore new worlds. Whatever dreams you had as a child, they weren’t in your heart by coincidence. God placed them there for a purpose. Even though the world may have convinced you to dismiss them as imaginary, they’re still there—woven into the fabric of who He made you to be.

If you’re unsure of God’s purpose for you, look at what you’ve dreamed. Consider the things that draw you to tears, pull on your heart strings, get you fired up, and bring you to a righteous anger. He put those things in you, uniquely creating you for a purpose that only you can fulfill. 

God, thank you for creating me with a specific purpose in mind. Thank you for believing in me and giving me exactly what I need to fulfill your calling on my life. Reveal to me the passions, hopes, and desires you’ve placed in my heart, and clearly show me how to use them for your Kingdom Lord. Help me to live in your will and bring you glory with everything I say and do. In Jesus’ precious name, amen.


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Living Changed: Purpose

Have you ever wondered what God created you to do or asked Him why you’ve been through certain experiences? You were uniquely created for a custom-built role that only you can fill. Even if you feel lost, or you’re hesit...

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