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Forgiveness  God wants you to be at peace, fearless, full of faith, hope, and love, right? He wouldn't want you anxious or full of anger. Forgiveness Scriptures teach you how to be a more forgiving person.

Man Says Yes, I think I hurt her, but I just can't go to her now. 

God Says Then, your worshiping/serving me is empty.  Reconcile. Matthew 6:14-15

Man Says There's a limit to how many times I can forgive someone.

God Says No, not really. Lean on Me. You can do it over and over. Matthew 18:21-22

Man Says You know, I've gone so far off the deep end, there is NO ONE who would take me.

God Says Be happy. That's not true. I'm waiting to hug you yet again. Luke 15:20