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Being yourself as a means to reach people

Each one of us has a story given to us by God. We all have unique backgrounds; where we live, who our family is and the influences around us are all a part of God's plan in redeeming His people and using us for His purposes. The Lord doesn't make mistakes. He didn't make a mistake giving you the testimony you have and He didn't make a mistake saving you for the proclamation of His gospel and His kingdom.

'Bloodlines' is a song that points people Jesus. He redeems our stories and uses them as a means to accomplish His plan for us. This song is to encourage you to use what the Lord has given you and to embrace your bloodline and everything that it's made you. Your bloodline has been redeemed into the ultimate bloodline of the saints.

Paul says we have been reconciled to God in Christ and that we now have the ministry of reconciliation. This means that our unique stories have been changed and can now be used so that those around us can see Gods redeeming power. Being reconciled to God through Jesus we now have a ministry of reconciliation that shows people how significant their story is and how much more God created them to be.

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Combining a voice and flow that have cause the industry to take notice along with Christ centred lyrics, Alex Faith presented the world his full-length album ATLast in the fall of 2013. Taking readers through 7 songs from that release, Alex lays out the heart behind his words on The Overflow Devo. Walk with him as he talks faith, relationships and the harsh realities of life, all covered in the blood of Jesus.


We would like to thank Alex Faith and The Overflow for providing this plan. For more information, please visit: www.theoverflow.com

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