She Reads Truth - Daniel : Day 1

Who Daniel Is Because of Who God Is

Daniel's story was written the same way our stories are. Man dictates something for him - what he should do or where he will go - and the Lord's purposes and plans prevail. The King had plans for the young men in training within his kingdom, but God had other plans. Where we can easily get caught up in the greatness of Daniel, it's important for us to understand that the Lord was the one who gave him favor and compassion in the eyes of those in authority over him, plus wisdom and skill to back up what they saw.

Are you believing that your life is dictated by anyone besides the Lord today? Have you convinced yourself that your resolve, skills, failures, capabilities or lack thereof have more impact on your future than God's desires for you?

Daniel has a lot ahead of him in the rest of this book, and so do we, in our everyday lives. Let's ask our Father to make His will evident and His voice loud in our lives today.

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