Environment: 30 Days for Creation's Caretakers : Day 2

Consider that the very same God who set the earth into orbit and knit you together in the womb has entrusted you with the responsibility to manage his intricate creation. You are not a mere speck of dust in this vast creation. You are a "ruler," a steward, a manager in trust of, over all that God has made. And you have been crowned with "glory and honor" (Ps 8:5-6) in this divine appointment. Human beings--created in the divine image--are the only creatures that God entrusted with the mandate and the capacity to unleash and harness creation's potential (see Ge 1:26-29).


We'd like to thank The Stewardship Council, creators of the NIV Stewardship Study Bible, for the structure of the 30 Days For Creation's Caretakers plan. For more information about this plan, the NIV Stewardship Study BIble, or hundreds of stewardship resources, please visit their site at www.stewardshipcouncil.net/