Environment: 30 Days for Creation's Caretakers

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In the beginning God created . . . These are the words that usher us into God's written Word. They are, in fact, the very words upon which every aspect of life has its origin. In these simple, elegant words, God, the vary Maker of heaven and earth, demonstrates his rightful claim to that which he created. Throughout Scripture, God continually reminds us that he alone holds the deed to the magnificent universe he spoke into being--a right of sovereignty he neither has nor ever will relinquish. Scripture indicates that God's dominion and ownership of creation can be seen from the natural world itself. "For since the creation of the worlds God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen." (Ro 1:20)

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With Scripture in hand and a sense of wonder at God's grandeur, we invite you to a 30-day exploration of God's Word. We pray that creation's splendor will draw you nearer to your Creator and renew your awareness of the privilege you have in serving as God's caretaker.


We'd like to thank The Stewardship Council, creators of the NIV Stewardship Study Bible, for the structure of the 30 Days For Creation's Caretakers plan. For more information about this plan, the NIV Stewardship Study BIble, or hundreds of stewardship resources, please visit their site at www.stewardshipcouncil.net/

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