Children's Guide to Esther and God's Plan

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Day 1: Esther and Mordecai

Many, many years ago, in the Kingdom of Persia, there was an orphan girl named Esther. Because Esther had no parents, she lived with her uncle Mordecai instead.

Mordecai took good care of Esther and treated her like she was his own daughter. They loved each other very much.

It looked like they would live a perfectly normal life, but one day, something happened…

Xerxes, the King of Persia, threw a feast for all his nobles. The feast lasted for seven days and seven nights! Can you imagine how full everyone felt? King Xerxes ate so much that he could barely move!

On the last night of the feast, King Xerxes called for Queen Vashti to come join him. But she was busy and said, "I don't want to come." King Xerxes was furious. He commanded his guards to throw Queen Vashti out of the palace and never let her return again!

What kind of a man do you think Mordecai was? How about King Xerxes? Do you think God was happy with what King Xerxes did?

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