What's In The Bible: Heroes Of The Old Testament

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Adam was the first man. God created man to be in his image, and He walked with Adam in the Garden of Eden. God told Adam to work and keep the garden. Adam also named all of the plants and animals. But Adam needed a helper, and God made a woman named Eve. Adam and Eve enjoyed a beautiful creation and a beautiful relationship with God! Adam and Eve had a choice - they could follow God's rules, or they could choose their own way. When they were temped by the serpent to eat fruit from the tree God told them not to eat from, they chose their own way. Sin entered the world! God's beautiful creation was broken - and so was His perfect relationship with Adam and Eve. But God had a plan that was bigger than sin - He was going to rescue the whole world and make it the way it was supposed to be again. So He began to work through all kinds of people - rich, poor, faithful, sinful, willing, unwilling - and we'll learn about them through this reading plan!

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