True North: LIVE Free 30 Days

True North: LIVE Free 30 Days

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The Heart of a Man

There is something powerful in the movies & stories that we love as men. They seem to stir our hearts in a deep way that, if we’re honest, we often find lacking in our experiences at church. Look at all the movies that are marketed to men. Have you ever stopped and wondered why? Why is watching a superhero overcome evil and the injustices of the world so appealing? Or when we see soldiers fight for freedom on behalf of those who can’t and something in us begins to rise. Because those stories, those adventures, are written on our hearts by God Himself.

Think back to one of the most epic war stories ever told - Saving Private Ryan. In this movie, a small band of soldiers had to literally face death & what seemed to be insurmountable odds to find one soldier in the midst of war-ravaged Europe. The tagline for Saving Private Ryan was simply this: “The Mission Was A Man.” That is straight out of the Gospels.

Jesus told a story in Matthew about the good shepherd leaving the 99 sheep to go and rescue the one! That’s the heart of God. That’s also the heart He has put in you as a man. You are made in His image and you have His heart.

In Luke 19:10 ASV, Jesus states that He “came to seek and save what was lost.” Notice the verse doesn't say, "the lost." So what was Jesus referring to? Our masculine heart was lost. Our desire for adventure was lost. The desire to do something epic and heroic was lost. A heart to change the world for good was lost.

Are you ready to get your heart back? You CAN!

Do you believe that God wants to use you in this epic story we call life? He DOES!

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True North: LIVE Free 30 Days

LIVE Free: 30 Days is a reading plan intended to offer freedom to the hearts of men. Each day will challenge and invite you into the journey to walk with God, engage in the larger story, and live free. You are not abando...

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