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Trusting God Through the PainSample

Trusting God Through the Pain

DAY 1 OF 3

He is always with you.

What problems have you been facing in your life? What moments have you desperately needed the Lord to hear out your cries?

When I look back on my life, I see the moments so clearly—the rays of light beaming through the sky, guiding the way and reminding me over and over that God is with me. Through the peaks and valleys and even in the storms, He has been there. Always.

The LORD is near to the broken-hearted, and saves the contrite of spirit. – Psalm 34:18

We never know what we might find ourselves navigating in life, and we must remember to hold steadfast in our faith through those highs and lows. When I think of my family’s valleys, I remember the times when I had only my faith to lean on. Without God, I never would have made it through any of it. Our family wouldn’t be where we are today. The pain we endured serves as a reminder to remain humble when we are gazing out from the highest peaks and give glory to God, for only He could have brought us this far.

He heals the broken in heart, and binds up their wounds. – Psalm 147:3

God uses broken people to carry His message into the world. We see it in the Scriptures, and I’ve seen it in my own life. God brought us through brokenness and restored both my heart and my family's- in a way that has empowered us to serve people across the globe.

How will God take the broken pieces of your life and turn them into something beautiful?

He has made everything beautiful in its appropriate time. He has also put obscurity in their hearts so that no one comes to know the work that God has done from the beginning to the end. – Ecclesiastes 3:11

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About this Plan

Trusting God Through the Pain

Have you ever wondered where God is in the middle of your storm? Does it feel like He’s left you in a season of waiting for His goodness and kindness? No matter what you may be facing, God wants to reach down and heal yo...


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