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I Don’t Look Like (What I’ve Been Through)

Many of us have gone through so much that we should be in a mental ward, homeless or dead. People should see the evidence of what we went through by our scars, pain or by our current position in life. Fortunately because of God’s grace and mercy we are alive and well after all we have faced. Jesus was brutally beaten, people spit on Him, and nailed Him to the cross all for the people He loved. After they took His body down from the cross and put Him in a tomb, the stone of the tomb was rolled away with Jesus victoriously walking out.

When Mary saw Jesus, He didn’t look like the brutally beaten Jesus she seen before; He didn’t look like what He had been through. This was a display of the overcoming power of God, which dwells within us all. This power allows us to have this triumphant testimony “I don’t look like (what I’ve been through).

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