The Ultimate Hope

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Thank God that you can rely on His strength. Ask Him to show you how to rely on Him more.


Place a drain plug in the kitchen or bathroom sink, and hold a dry tissue flat over the sink. Have each family member place one quarter on the tissue. Slowly drip water onto the tissue and count how many seconds it takes for the quarters to rip through. Repeat this activity using a washcloth in place of the tissue.


Discuss the different outcomes from this activity. The tissue wasn't able to support the weight of the quarters for very long, but the washcloth never fell apart. It was strong enough. It's easy for us to feel strong when things are going well. But when things begin to fall apart around us, we can lose hope. If you run a long race and start out in the front of the pack, it's easy to feel encouraged and strong. But as the race goes on and others start to pass you, it's only natural to feel tired and discouraged. In the same way, when we face a challenge, it might be easy to rely on our own strength or resources for a while. But our energy can eventually wear out. Fortunately, God's strength never does. When we've exhausted all our resources, we can find hope in our all-powerful God.


Name some areas in your life where you feel you might be running out of strength. What can you do to renew your strength?

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In this five-day plan, you and your children will be challenged to view difficulties and disappointments from God’s perspective—as small pieces of a much larger story that God is writing. You’ll discover how God’s power and love can be a source of hope, and how God’s Word can bring light to our dark moments. Each day includes a prayer prompt, brief Scripture reading and explanation, hands-on activity, and discussion questions.


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