The Ultimate Hope

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Thank God for the hope He gives you every day. Ask Him to help you see that as your relationship with Him grows, so does your hope.


Gather in a room that has little natural light. Although it is not necessary that the room be completely dark, prepare the room for this activity by turning off all lamps and main light sources. Have one family member stand in the middle of the room with his eyes closed — no peeking! Gently spin him around and then have another family member turn on the brightest lamp in the room. The "blind" person's challenge is to find his way to the light without opening his eyes.


In the Bible, Jesus calls himself "the light of the world" (John 8:12). Although we cannot see Jesus with our eyes, we can better recognize His light by learning His Word and knowing His character. Disappointments at school or struggles at home can be hard to endure. Even if we don't understand why God is allowing us to struggle with something, Jesus proves through His faithfulness that He is deserving of our hope. If we focus on Jesus during our "dark times," we can have hope.


- When has God turned a hopeless situation in your life into a hope-filled one?

- How can we share the hope of God with others?

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In this five-day plan, you and your children will be challenged to view difficulties and disappointments from God’s perspective—as small pieces of a much larger story that God is writing. You’ll discover how God’s power and love can be a source of hope, and how God’s Word can bring light to our dark moments. Each day includes a prayer prompt, brief Scripture reading and explanation, hands-on activity, and discussion questions.


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