Make the Most of Christmas - by yesHEis


Christmas Contains: Supernatural Colours and Flavours

Some people just have a knack for talking about Jesus. It just seems to come so easily for them, but for many of us, that’s far from the case. It can feel awkward and forced. If this is you, be encouraged – as we move into Christmas time, you are still able to share Jesus even if you struggle to find the right words.

Jesus tells us one way to share his goodness when we don’t have the words to say is to be salt and light.

Salt is added to food to bring out the flavours and to make it taste rich and full. Eugene Peterson explains it as bringing out the ‘God-flavours’ in our lives. When people see that your life tastes good because you are following Jesus, they might want a taste for themselves. This Christmas season, live your life on display. Not in a way that draws attention to you, but in a way that draws attention to the goodness of God.

Be transparent with your friends about what Christmas means to you personally and how your relationship with Jesus enriches your daily life. You might want to start sharing your faith on social media, or record a video testimony of how God has been good to you.

Jesus also tells us to be a light on a hill. The amazing thing about light is that darkness has no power over it.

Light will always penetrate through and overwhelm the darkness if it is given a chance to shine.

The very fact that we can see starlight from millions of light-years away is proof of this. The same is true for the light that you shine.

Let the goodness and power of God shine through you like a light on the top of a hill. In the busyness of the Christmas season, this light will draw attention to Jesus. Let the fruit of the Spirit be seen in your life; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control. People will see it and some will ask what’s different about you.

Be ready at that moment to talk about Jesus.

Put your life on display this Christmas. Walk through this season intentionally bringing out the God-colours and God-flavours and watch how God brings about opportunities to share about the goodness of Jesus!