Bible Explorer for the Young (Romans)

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God Has Been So Kind and Will Always Be

Romans 2:4a

God has been kind to you. He has been very patient…

One of the ways to be kind is by showing our care. When your parents, grandparents, or teachers scold or penalize you for doing something wrong, they are actually showing their care for you as they mean to correct your wrongdoing so that you can change to be better. 

Likewise, God cares for us and He will direct us toward the right path. When we need a reminder or a disciplinary action, God will do it for our own sake.

There are times when we might not understand why we are getting scolded by our parents over trivial matters. However, as you are growing up and maturing, you will realize how valuable that scolding is. It will make you feel more appreciative and thankful to your parents. The same thing applies to God’s reminder. His purpose is to save us from harm and destruction caused by sins. 


Dear God, thank You that all my life You have been so kind and good to me. Amen.