Bible Explorer for the Young (Romans)

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Made Right by Faith, Not by Law

Romans 3:28

We are made right with God through faith, not through what we have done to follow the law. 

Your parents have a set of rules that you have to obey. There are times when you break the rules or even disobey them. Your parents will be disappointed and they will discipline you for that. However, it does not lessen their love for you, even by an inch. Your parents simply love you!

This is the same as how God loves us. Even though we sometimes disobey Him, God still loves us. What’s even more beautiful is the fact that we have been justified or made right by God, not because of our effort to obey all His rules without failing, but simply because of our faith, by accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior and God.

We are set free from sins and made right because we have faith in Jesus. And because we have been set free and made right, we must live our lives with thankfulness for each day, and also with the intention to please God in our daily lives.


Dear Jesus, I am blessed knowing that I have been set free from sins through faith in You. Amen.