Building an Intentional Life: Start Now

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Too many people live unintentionally. The unintentional life is a noisy life, concerned with getting noticed. It’s a busy life, with no time for reflection. It ends up revolving around appearances and pleasure. Ultimately, it’s about the self.

You have a choice. Will you allow yourself to become a slave to the unintentional aspects of your life? Or will you let Someone from the outside, who sees the realities of your life, free you from unintentionality and give you a purpose?

There are unworthy and worthy purposes, invalid and valid aims, small and large goals. But the presence of a purpose is what makes your life meaningful—more than just a mere animal life. That’s the principle of intentionality. You must choose between rambling through life and passionately living a purposeful life.

Ask yourself, “Why do I exist?” In one way or another, everyone asks that question. And they all answer it, even if they don’t realize it.

Some argue that everything is purposeless and random. But if life has no purpose, there are serious implications. First, if life has no purpose, there is no worth to it at all. Second, if life is not undergirded by the right purpose, there will be no moral reality. Third, if life possesses no purpose, it will not satisfy. A purposeless life ultimately leads to death.

Instead of living in this grim reality, resolve to pursue purpose—and the One who gives the purpose—and find abundant life instead. 

Do you know the One who gives purpose?