7 Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know

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Mem: Which means chaos

During Biblical times, the sea had a negative connotation for the Jewish people. The Hebrew word for water — Mayim — comes from the root mem, meaning “chaos.” Which makes sense when you consider the Israelites grew up hearing that a flood wiped out the earth. Even to this day, you don’t find many houses or hotels along the 33-mile shoreline of the Sea of Galilee despite its picturesque waters. 
So why then does Jesus “insist” that his disciples cross the Sea of Galilee during a storm (Mark 6:45)? He sent them into the chaos! But then he came to help them by walking on top of the water — showing that he is in total control of all chaos. 

Are you facing turmoil today? Remember that Jesus is in control of your chaos, and he’s calling you to get on top of the chaos with him. Are you ready to let Jesus take control of your chaos? 

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