7 Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know

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Shalom: Which means Peace

"Whenever I imagine the city of Jerusalem in Bible times, I picture it being like NYC - loud, chaotic, busy … even messy and violent. But this was not God's plan for a place known as His Holy City.  

The word Jerusalem in Hebrew is 'Yerushalayim' which is made up of two Hebrew words; 'Yeru' which means "you will see" and 'shalom' which means "the peace of God". So Jerusalem is supposed to be the place where you will see the peace of God. 

In the Book of Revelation, we read that the followers of God will live in a "New Jerusalem" in God's Kingdom — and we will see the peace of God. Jesus told his followers that … "the Kingdom of God is within you", which means the "peace of God" is within us. 

Will the people around you see and experience the peace of God today because of you? 

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