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The Year That Changed the WorldSample

The Year That Changed the World

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In today’s world, people are all over the place! Nice people are being mean; mean people are being nice. Some people are trying to make things better; others are trying to make things worse. Then, there are those who are trying to hold on to what they have, and others are trying to get things they’ve never had. Everybody’s snatching and grabbing, pulling and tugging, because the world is in chaos. 

We are being bombarded with negative imagery and all kinds of news. During such times, people ask, “Where is God?” as if He no longer exists. To the contrary, this is God’s best time! God works best in chaos. God created the earth in chaos. God brings order to chaos. He separates and regulates, He orchestrates and manages, because He works best in chaos!

What this world needs right now is for God to bring order to our chaos. We need God to put things in order, but we will never see God move if we do not pray, seek His face, or call on His name. We will never see God move until we understand that He can get great things to come out of unpleasant encounters.

God works in chaos and confusion, in problems and turmoil. It was in the middle of a kingless Israel, where everything seemed right in each other’s eyes, that God planted a seed in the barren womb of a woman named Hannah — where His plan was to bring order to a chaotic Israel. This is how newness begins, how order comes out of chaos. It doesn’t start in a way that satisfies the desperation of the masses. 

In the midst of this world’s crisis, God is already raising up, moving in, and stretching out. He has already planted the seed that will bring order to this world’s chaos — whether we see it or not. God is always doing something whether we know it or not. Real change happens behind closed doors. God does not announce His plan publicly, because He does not need approval, criticism, or opinion of any kind to get it done. To know God is to know that He is working all the time and that He will bring order to the chaos. 

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The Year That Changed the World

One year can change the entire world, whether in the Bible or in our lives. Hannah’s blessing in the birth of Samuel manifested a miracle that would teach her important lessons in the process. These lessons are crucial f...


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