Advent 2020


Radical reality

As we journey through Advent, take some time to reflect again on the radical reality that the God of all creation chose to be born among us. The one who breathed life into the dust chose to be formed into the dust himself. Despite the pain of this world, we know our God is with us, for us, and calls us to participate in ushering in his kingdom, partnering in his mission of restoration and renewal.

In a world exhausted by injustice, we must be people of courageous hope. Not brushing over or belittling injustice, but – in full sight of the brokenness of the world – refusing to give up because we know a better world is not only possible, but is already on the way. 

We’ve read the end of the story and know Jesus is victorious. 

Rooted in God’s word, we must reimagine how the world can work. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, we can begin shifting society towards a future where everyone is able to flourish: where their air is cleaner, refugees and outsiders are welcomed, inequality is reduced and where extreme poverty is no more.

We can act with imagination and hope, like James and Obed in Haiti, who have pioneered a creative new business that employs young people to turn plastic pollution into school rucksacks. Or the EcoBrix team in Uganda who are creating life-saving Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) out of the plastic that has littered streets and streams in their communities. 

We know we won’t see this world in its fullness before Jesus returns, but loving our neighbors today means pursuing it with everything we’ve got until he does come back.

This Advent, allow God to realign your eyes to the truth that he is a God of justice and his faithfulness never ends. Allow God to guide you this Christmas to dream and imagine a world where everyone can flourish. 

Jack Wakefield, Tearfund’s Campaigns Team. He is passionate about Jesus and caring for creation.