In Pursuit of Freedom

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Day 4 – Free to Love

“We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

Depending on which translation you source, the word “love” is mentioned anywhere from 310-551 times in the Bible. A direct command to “love one another” is mentioned nearly a dozen times, and multiple times by Jesus Himself. Yet any love we give or receive is rooted in one simple thing...He loved us first. 

Christ’s death on the cross was many things. It was an act of submission to the Father’s perfect plan. It was an acceptance of the mission to which He had been called. But underneath it all, it was an act of love. Because of His great love for every man, woman and child who has ever walked this earth, He willingly sacrificed His own body and took our punishment as His own. It’s a love that both sets us free and empowers us to freely love others.

When we love out of freedom, we hold all things loosely, trusting that what the Father gives or takes away is truly for our best. When we love out of freedom, we forgive as we have been forgiven. When we love out of freedom, we show Jesus to those around us, inviting them to know Him more. When we love out of freedom, we love with patience, kindness, humility, forgiveness, honor, truth, trust, hope and perseverance (1 Corinthians 13).

Take a moment now to simply rest in the Father’s great love for you. As He pours His love into you, ask for an opportunity to do the same for someone else today. And when that moment comes, don’t hold back. You have been set free for this very thing. 

Verses for Reflection

John 15:12

1 John 4:7

Colossians 2:2