Hope During A Global Pandemic



In order to accomplish the great work of defeating brokenness and ushering in a new, spiritual humanity, Jesus Christ, God in the likeness of sinful flesh, had to come to earth and die, but God confirmed his victory and success in his mission by raising him from the dead. Now, he invites us to come to him, turn from our own ways, and trust in him to be THE way. The Bible calls this repentance. This blessing is not just for us, but for all generations. 

Jesus offers words of encouragement in the midst of a life filled with worries. 

To ignore God’s voice is at best folly and at worst catastrophic! We must not just be people who learn more about what God says. It is crucial that we are people who hear and obey his voice! What is God saying to you?

As people, we speak about things we don’t understand. In this passage, God peppers Job with a series of questions that are far above him. In our educated minds, we may be tempted to think, “I can explain that,” but in our arrogance, we miss the point! God is, ultimately, in control of all things. Tragedies, like the Coronavirus or natural disasters, tend to magnify that truth in our lives.

Before a God whose ways are not our ways, who controls and knows things we cannot even understand, our response is not one of being puffed up like a blowfish. Instead, we need a sober dose of reality. 

Daily Discovery Questions:

  1. What does this teach us about God?

  2. What does this teach us about ourselves and other people?

  3. How does this help me to better understand how to respond to the Coronavirus?

  4. How will you obey this passage personally, today?

  5. Who can you share these verses with today?