How To Protect Your Husband

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God first

Mac and I were once on our way to a camping holiday. I became nervous as we went down a mountain pass, towing a heavy camping ‘bushwacker’. Instead of getting irritated with me, my husband, realizing that I was worried about the trailer we were pulling, immediately slowed down a little bit. Our son asked why he was doing that, I was being silly, I should know my husband is a good and responsible driver. Mac responded by explaining to him that marriage is like a team sport. In order for me to honour and submit well, he needs to love me well. In that moment, he explained that to love me is to be considerate and allow me to gain confidence as we tow the trailer.

Marriage is a team sport. We all start marriage with ‘till death do us part’. When you are young and you say these words, you may not quite understand the weight and the depth of them. Proverbs 31:11 tells us what this means for a wife, “She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life”. When I read this scripture I soberly ponder whether my husband experiences the fulfilment of this verse in our marriage.

In many instances, whenever I observe women, I notice a tendency in them to serve others. They have a compulsion to want to help organize things, helping others through giving advice. I am designed as a helper. I am the one he can lean on, trust and rely on. God designed me as a woman with the ability to submit and respect my husband and to be his very best helper! I carry something of God’s DNA in my being by being the woman He created me to be. I can protect my husband by being what God has called me to be!

If you want to protect your husband, you should consider the following things:

One of the first things that I learned in marriage was to give grace to my husband and not to rely on him for my fulfillment. 

I need to seek the Lord first and find fulfilment in Him in order that my marriage will benefit from this. My husband cannot satisfy my deepest needs and desires, only Jesus can fulfill my deepest needs. 

The best way I can encourage my husband is by building my relationship with God.