Reading Galatians With Charles Spurgeon



Delivered from Bondage and Slavery
Spurgeon’s Note on 1:3-4

God’s great objective with regard to his people is to deliver them from this present evil age; and, as Paul called it by that name, we need not alter the phrase, for we cannot help knowing that it is still an evil age. And in it are God’s redeemed and chosen people, by nature part and parcel of that age, equally fallen, equally estranged from God, equally set on mischief, equally certain to go down into the pit of destruction if left to themselves. The objective of Christ is to carve out a people from this great brook of stone; it is his purpose to find his own people who were given to him before the earth was and to deliver them from the bondage and the slavery in which they are found in this Egypt, of which they seem to form a part, though to the eyes of Christ they are always as separate and distinct as the Israelites were when they dwelt in the land of Goshen.