Let Them Have Dominion

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Let Them Have Dominion. 

When God created man, it was God’s desire for mankind to excel, rule and to have dominion over everything in the Earth — not just in the garden of Eden. When God declared the words in Genesis 1:26 KJV, “Let them have Dominion...”, God gave man authority over the entire Earth — the garden of Eden was the starting point. According to Strong’s Concordance, the word “dominion”, or ‘radah’ in Hebrew, means: to rule, to have dominion, to dominate, and to tread down. When you obey God’s Word, He has given you the authority to rule well and to tread down the enemy in every area of your life. When you are in Christ, you are no longer a slave to sin. Sin and its stronghold no longer has rule over your life when you are in Christ. As you obey God, and follow His Word, He will direct your footsteps and enlarge your borders. You can either choose to obey God and flourish in the garden, or you can choose to disobey Him and lose access, authority, dominion and wither in the wilderness — forfeiting your destiny and purpose. It’s your choice. You choose who you will serve. However, God’s Grace is available. You are never too far from God’s Power. His Reach is more powerful than your sin. Repent and turn back to God. Cast your sin at His feet and let Him redirect your heart and redirect your course. 

The garden, was Adam and Eve’s starting point — it was in the garden of Eden where God’s orders were first established and molded the framework of the God-led family. Dominion starts in the garden. Stewardship lessons are taught in the garden. Spiritual instruction, guidance, insight, and boundary setting all starts in the garden. Obedience starts in the garden. Your family’s home, the garden, is where God-given vision is birthed. The home is where protection and safety are introduced and where spiritual intimacy is cultivated. The garden is where relationships are nourished and are groomed. The home is where God dwells. It is where spiritual foundations for future generations are laid and where cycles are broken. It is in the home where the spiritual trajectory of future generations are established and where cycles of success or failure both begin and end. 

Your family is important to God. Your family’s future success, or failure, is tied to your obedience today. Your disobedience will trigger cycles of generational bondage, curses and ultimately decay. Every choice has a consequence. Whereas your obedience will trigger breakthrough, ignite blessings, break bondages and destroy curses. God’s framework of familial success started in the garden. It was here where God gave specific spiritual and natural orders. It is in the home, the garden, where He shapes your spiritual foundation and enlarges your natural borders. You can choose to obey God and flourish — fulfilling God’s Word over your family’s life and legacy or you can choose to disobey God and wander in the wilderness. The choice is yours. Choose to seek God. Connect with Him. Repent and choose life. Future generations depend upon your obedience today.