The advantage of being a child of God is that the Holy Spirit indwells within you. 

One’s intentional relationship with God is vital for life’s course. The Holy Spirit within us serves as the divine God-honoring compass that leads us to our true north, which is straight to Jesus Christ. 

Living a life of Resilience involves making the conscious decision to run straight to God when the right or even wrong things are happening.

The Holy Spirit guides us in all areas and aspects of life when we heed to His promptings.  Our Divine Counselor anoints, seals, empowers, transforms, teaches, reveals, comforts, heals, restores, and strengthens us. 

God is able to accomplish great things within us and believers should boldly run to God at all times because he is able to supply each and every one of our needs. 

The story of Ruth is a fitting example of the importance of running to God in the face of trials.  Ruth was married to a man who later died. Her husband’s brother and father died also. Ruth’s mother-in-law Naomi set out to return to Judah but she encouraged her daughters-in-law to return to their previous customs, families, and land.  

But Ruth made a pivotal decision to run towards God and not away from Him even in the midst of a trial. 

Although her sister-in-law left, Ruth clung to her mother-in-law and wouldn’t leave. 

Ruth followed the promptings of God in an uncomfortable situation.  

Ruth remained Resilient running after God and honoring her mother-in-law in the low experiences of her life.

Ruth also exhibited Resilience during the mountaintop experiences of her life when God blessed her to find favor and marry Boaz and later giving birth to a son.  

This is encouragement for us today that even when the natural response is to run away due to pain and heartache, Resilience is doing what God has called us to do no matter our feelings, circumstances, or internal issues. 

We need to deliberately run to God Resiliently and confidently expect that he will come through in a powerful way. 

God did it for Ruth and He will do it for you.  

When doors close, seasons change, and relationships come to a screeching halt, exercise Resilience.  

Resilience is trust, belief, hope and confident expectation that although one has suffered abuse, heartache, pain, loss, health, relationships, finances, and even possessions, God is going to perform yet another act of his love and will come through incomplete loving faithfulness and restoration.