Rejection happens to us all and it occurs in some of the most unforgettable seasons of our lives. Whether you are obediently tending to your parents' business, pursuing your God-honoring goals, or aiming to lead and live honestly in Christ through every action, thought, relationship, or deed, most often than not rejection boldly makes itself known in one’s life.   

Rejection can rear its head right in the middle of one sharing an idea, plan, or even a sincere thought. 

Rejection can show up in the middle of a question, response, laughter, or a serious moment. 

Although we all face rejection during those so-called “inconvenient times” in our lives sometimes it’s in the most uncomfortable circumstances of rejection that push us in the direction towards our destiny.

When one experiences rejection it is vital to display an attitude of Resilience.

It is in one’s Resilience and determination that although rejection is coming at every direction, God’s promised word concerning them will come into fruition despite what one can see with their natural eye.  

Many individuals can identify with and learn from the story of Joseph.  Although Joseph was highly favored by his father Jacob (Israel), he experienced rejection from his brothers because they knew how their father loved him more.

 Joseph was rejected when he shared his dreams with his family which led to a series of events that were most likely uncomfortable and hurtful coming from those closest to him. 

Later Joseph was rejected when he didn’t acquiesce to a dishonorable advance from his boss’s wife and Joseph was rejected as well as forgotten when he provided helpful information for someone going through a work-related promotion or possible demotion.

 In those times of rejection, God didn’t forget about Joseph and God never took his eyes off of him. Joseph’s story didn’t end in his times of rejection, those very moments served as life-defining occurrences of providence that guided Joseph in his destiny of becoming an impactful God-honoring leader. 

Those moments of rejection in Joseph’s life served as divine times of reflection, direction, and God’s protection. As you journey through life remain Resilient

Trust God. Purposefully seek God first in all that you do, even when the wrong things are happening to you. When rejection comes remain Resilient, God plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future.