21 Days Of Fasting And Prayer Devotional


One of James River Church’s campuses sits on a piece of property that had been owned by the same family since the Civil War. We had looked for land around the city and knew this ground was uniquely suited to meet the needs of our growing church family. We weren’t the only ones who had noticed the property’s potential – major retail chains were also interested, but the family wasn’t interested in selling.

What do you do when you’ve exhausted all your options when you believe you know God’s will but you can’t see how in the world it will come to pass? You fast. We called the church to a three day fast. We knew we needed God’s help for our need to be met. Within ten days of the church praying, the miracle came as the family who owned the property offered to sell the property to the church but no one else. When God’s people fast and pray the supernatural happens!

What are you needing God to do through this 21 Days of Fasting and Prayer? What are you praying for? Take time to write these needs down. Look at them daily as you pray. Whenever hunger grips your stomach or the cravings for coffee come, read your list and be reminded that your fasting is for a purpose. Through your fast, God will answer!