21 Days Of Fasting And Prayer Devotional


Don’t get weirded out, but you need to know that people are watching you. They have seen you eating fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts and they are paying attention to what happens in your life as result of this 21-day journey. 

People always have their eye on Jesus’ followers. In Acts 16, the Bible tells us that around midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening (Acts 16:20). 

The word “listening” here, is to listen intently, to lean in. They weren’t just listening, but they were leaning in to hear the worship being lifted up to heaven. You may feel like you are the only person going through a trial but you are not alone. There are people all around you that are listening to how you respond. 

Your words of faith and praise will not only lift your heart but they will touch the hearts of the people who hear them. The prisoners had probably never heard anything like what they heard that night from Paul and Silas --joyful voices lifted to heaven. They were having church in a prison. The atmosphere was completely changed. A place accustomed to profanity was now turned upside down by the presence of Paul and Silas.

The bottom line is people are watching us. As you finish this fast, move forward with hope-filled expectation that God has heard you and that God is working in you, through you, and around you in response to this time of calling on Him! People will take notice.