The Messy Table: A 7-Day Bible Plan For Women


Sweet Surrender 

By Divina Bruss

Although many years have passed, I still remember every detail of the night I lay in bed, sobbing in despair. Pain from the previous several years weighed heavily on my shoulders: affairs, pornography, lies, betrayal, a secret life. The man I’d given my heart to had crushed it without a care. So there I lay, nearly out of tears from day-after-day grief, consumed by heartache and disappointment. With the little energy I could muster, I whispered five words that changed my life forever.

“I can’t do this alone.”

With that spoken confession, I fell asleep. The next morning, I woke with a sensation I had never experienced. I had hope. Despite the fact that my circumstances were exactly the same, I had peace. I was experiencing the comfort that comes from surrender to God, from an understanding that I needed a Savior, and a willingness to reach out to Him.

As I reflect on my conversion, the most remarkable thing to me is that, now, after walking with the Lord for so many years, I can point to verse after verse in the Bible that promises the very things I experienced. But at the time, I had no knowledge of those promises. I did not grow up in church. I barely knew God existed, much less anything about His character or the promises He made through His Word. Yet on that fateful night, the truth of His Word came alive in my life.

As time has passed, I have seen the Lord’s promises continue to be true. He has healed the wounds from all those years ago. As I have continued to seek Him, He has continued to guide me along His path. He’s given me a new heart and purpose, and blessed me with a husband who shares the same passion for the Lord and spreading His love to those around us.

God is faithful. The Bible is true. Through its pages we see His character and promises. We learn of His plan and His longing for relationship with us. I don’t know where you are today or what circumstances you may be facing, but I implore you to call out to Him. Just as He met me right where I was, He longs to meet with you and allow you to experience the peace, comfort, and love that comes only from Him.

Table Questions:

1. Are you relying on God or trying to do things alone? 

2. What if He has something better in mind than your current situation? 

3. What do you need to surrender into the hands of your Savior?