Die Weihnachtsgeschichte

The Christmas Story

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To Save the World

Jesus is the promised Savior and the Son of David, but how did He live up to these titles? After all, the world still seems broken thousands of years later. So how did Jesus accomplish His mission? 

A lot of people had expectations of what the Savior would be like. Some thought He would be a warrior who would drive away their enemies. Others thought He’d be a powerful judge, condemning sinners. But no one expected someone like Jesus. 

Jesus surrounded Himself with ordinary people. He taught people how to relate to God by caring for others. Jesus performed miracles that benefited people who were considered insignificant or spiritually broken. Jesus ate meals with sinners and offered hope to broken and suffering people. 

Jesus knew that the world didn’t need another powerful earthly ruler. We needed something much deeper: a new way of life­ rooted in humility, forgiveness, and generosity. This way of life builds connections with others, brings hope to people who feel insignificant, and reminds us that we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves. 

But Jesus is much more than a positive example for us. He is God with us. And He gave up His life and rose from the dead to make a way for all of us to find true and lasting forgiveness.  

The Christmas story is a powerful preview of the life of Jesus. It reminds us of what God is like and how He’s saving the world. Every day, followers of Jesus choose forgiveness, show generosity, and make others-centered choices. Each one of those choices makes the world a little more like heaven.  

At Christmas, God gave His Son as a gift to the world. It’s a gift of purpose, belonging, and forgiveness. It’s also a gift we get to share with others. 

Pray: Dear God, I praise You for Your grace and Your care for us. Thank You for providing forgiveness and purpose through Jesus. Help me to find ways to be more like Jesus every day. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

Challenge: All of us are on a lifelong journey of becoming more like Jesus. This article can help anyone discover their next step of following Jesus.

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The Christmas Story

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