Die Weihnachtsgeschichte

The Christmas Story

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Why Am I So Favored?

The Christmas story is good news if you’ve ever felt insignificant, unqualified, or overlooked. Why? Because those kinds of people are the main characters of the Christmas story. 

For a moment, forget everything you know about the Christmas story. Ready? Okay, imagine you found out that God was about to come to earth, and you knew He would be born into a human family. What kind of people would God choose to be His parents?  

Maybe a powerful religious family, right? If not them, probably a married couple with resources, special skills, and a stacked resume of spiritual accomplishments. 

But remember, the Christmas story is full of surprises. So God doesn’t choose a wealthy, powerful married couple. Instead, He chooses one of the last people you’d expect.  

Mary was young and single, living in a small town. She had no power and very little influence. She was ordinary, but God chose her to do something extraordinary. 

A messenger from God tells Mary she’s pregnant with the promised Savior, even though she’s a virgin. Today we’ll read how Mary responds to discovering her surprising role in God’s story. To Mary, the news is a sign that God sees and cares for people just like her. And that this Savior would elevate the people the world considers insignificant. 

The Christmas story rejects the idea that you need wealth, influence, or a platform to make a difference. Insignificant, ordinary, and unqualified people matter to God. So He chooses to partner with them to show the world that He cares for everyone.

The next time you feel insignificant or unqualified, remember the Christmas story. It’s a powerful reminder that our worth comes from God, who sees us, loves us, and wants to partner with us to invite others into God’s family. 

Pray: Dear God, I’m so thankful for Your love. Help me to base my self-worth on how deeply You love me, not on anyone else’s opinion. Please guide me toward hurting people who might feel insignificant, so I can extend the same care You’ve shown me. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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The Christmas Story

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