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Plains Cree

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Contemporary Plains Cree Scripture Portions

About Plains Cree

Plains Cree is one of the Algonquian languages of Canada, in the same family as Ojibwe and Mi’kmaq. It is spoken primarily in Alberta and Saskatchewan, but also some in Manitoba and Montana. Depending on the community, age of the speaker, and other factors, Plains Cree is written using either a Roman script or a syllabic script.

About This Translation

This is a new translation into Plains Cree as it is currently spoken. The draft was translated by Rev. Dr. Stanley Cuthand, and has been reviewed by a group of Cree speakers based in Saskatoon. The portions which are complete at this time are the four Gospels, Acts, the books of Ruth and James, and a collection of Psalms. If you are interested in obtaining a printed copy of these books, please contact the Canadian Bible Society at Some of the published books are printed with syllabic script and Roman script on facing pages, and also come with an audio CD.

Copyright Information

Plains Cree Ruth © 2004 Canadian Bible Society

Plains Cree Psalms (collection) © 2013 Canadian Bible Society

Plains Cree James © 2014 Canadian Bible Society

Plains Cree Gospels and Acts © 2018 Canadian Bible Society

The text of the Bible in Plains Cree that appears in this electronic format or website is for personal use only.

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