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Grow | 10 June 20 | Discover Jesus on every page - Week 1 - Craig Clark | Urban Life Church
Discover Jesus on every page
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Week 1 - Introduction

The Key to understanding the Bible is Jesus Christ on every page.

Our starting point is Luke 24 - WHY are we starting here?

Jesus’s answer to the two disciples walking on the road.
They had misunderstood the Scriptures and how they revealed the Messiah.
They thought that the Messiah was going to come as a Conquering Redeemer. Instead, Jesus comes as a suffering Servant.
When Jesus died, their hopes and dreams were shattered.

They did not understand that Christ had to through suffering (on a cross) to enter Glory.

There was a cross before the crown.

So, their world was turned upside down!
Jesus comes and turns their world the right side up.


Luke 24:27
And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself.

The TPT says it like this,

Then he carefully unveiled to them the revelation of himself throughout the Scripture. He started from the beginning and explained the writings of Moses and all the prophets, showing how they wrote of him and revealed the truth about himself.

The word “interpreted” = diermēneuō this word comes from two Greek words -
1) through
2) hermēneuō = to explain with words. We get the english word “Hermeneutics” from this word which means, The science of interpretation.

So Jesus, through explaining with words, interprets, unfolds the meaning, explains, expounds, translates, through showing and revealing Himself to the disciples throughout the Scriptures.

The disciples misunderstanding the Scriptures, turned their world upside down, Jesus through revelation, turns their world the right side up.

The revelation of Jesus in all of Scripture, will bring about a greater understanding of the Bible and will result in a delight and wonder of Scripture, faith and belief will grow and our lives will change for His glory.

So, the reason we are starting here is, this is the place that the risen Christ started. The first teaching Jesus did after the resurrection is the revelation of Himself in all of Scripture.If this was His first teaching to half unknown disciples, the undistinguished, if Jesus chose to reveal Himself to them, then I can identify with them. I want to know Jesus more and that can be achieved through discovering Jesus throughout the Bible!

As we talk of Him, soon we will talk with Him.

Grow is about Growing in Christ

2 Peter 3:18
But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen.

Weekly Teaching Online

1. Making it easy for people to watch the weekly teaching both Live and On Demand

2. Making it easy for people to participate in Growing Together via participating in “Growth Tasks” These growth tasks that each participant will select from a list and then once completed will submit them online for evaluation. The reason for this is to help each participant to gain a greater revelation and conviction. To help us all grow. Not just a head knowledge, but heart and then hands, we have a number of Growth Tasks that will help knowledge become revelation and action.

3. I want to encourage you to do a Growth Task at least one per month, more if you can. There is no limit:

- These Growth Tasks can be done in any order the participant would like. But once the task has been done, they will have to choose another, thereby working through the various tasks but being able to choose the order.

- The Growth Tasks will be structured around real ministry type tasks. Like “Writing a Blog” The subject will be part of what is being studied. The task to write a blog will help bring greater revelation to the participant by having to take the Bible Study, translate it to revelation and then write a blog. Thereby growing the participants in at least two dimensions - Revelation and Writing.

- Various tasks like blog writing, devotional writing, Social Media posts will help participants grow in communication skills. Other tasks like preparing a Kids ministry lesson, or preaching to youth, or a small group study will help grow participants in other areas of ministry.

4. Making it easy for leaders to grow by helping facilitate, evaluate and participate in the growth of others.

- With submissions of tasks, the leaders will evaluate and help participants.

- Helping teach others is the best way to really learn!

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Pray for revelation and interpretation. Spiritual eyes to be open to see what we have never seen before.

Discovering Jesus on Every Page

Starting in Genesis

Some people think that because the First Testament is called the Old Testament, that means it is not as relevant, or has passed its sell by date, and the New Testament is better I like to call the OT, The First Testament

Genesis is written to a newly redeemed people in a fallen world. Written to teach these newly redeemed people (Israel or Hebrew people) about their Redeemer God.

We need to learn to study the Bible in the Light of the Gospel. It is like on the stage of Redemption, the drama of redemption is being played out. As we read this magnificent script, the Light of Grace will illuminate the unfolding drama of redemption with Christ in the leading role. He is the Star of the show. From the opening to the impending closing. (The Bible has been canonized but the story is still not finished) Christ must always be center stage.We were created as worshipers first, not scientists. So we approach this story to learn how to worship, not as an experiment to see if it works.

The Key to understanding this drama, is to keep looking through the various characters that come on and off this redemption stage, to an even greater Character. Greater than Moses who was one of the great characters and writers used in this beautiful drama. Greater than Joseph, who displays the Messiah in one of the best portrayals found in the First Testament. Greater than the conquering Joshua. Greater than king David from whom the Messiah would come. Greater than any man.

To really enjoy this drama, remember to keep focus on the overall story, look out for the moments of great tension, contrast and mood.There are dramatic changes in the timing and rhythm and even changes in language.If you will allow yourself to be drawn into this drama and let the Holy Spirit reveal, explain, translate and show you the fullness of Jesus Christ, you will never be the same again.

Our First task is to read the opening scene.
Your first task is to go and read as much of Genesis you can this week. Read it with a red pencil or marker and look for the Great Redeemer hidden on the pages of the opening scene of origins.

It is said, genesis is the foundation upon which all revelation rests. (TPT)

The overarching theme of this opening scene, is one of blessing. Over 80 times the word blessing is used.

I love how the intro to Genesis in the The Passion Translation puts it.

“The primary way in which the Creator blessed created humanity was by bringing order to this disordered relationship. Through covenant, Yahweh lovingly sought after his beloved by choosing a people to be his very own, to steward and showcase his redemptive heart toward the world—a theme begun in Genesis and traced throughout the rest of the Hebrew Scriptures.”

This week, start discovering Jesus on every page.

Open Bible

Scriptures for this evening.


Open Bible

Scriptures for this evening.