How to Enter God's Rest: Hebrews 4


Our Rest Is Like God’s Rest

The rest for God’s people is like God’s own rest.  

A. We who have believed do enter that rest: This is in contrast to the previously mentioned ones who did not enter into God’s rest. Unbelief keeps many out of God’s rest; faith (we who have believed) guides God’s people into this rest.  

B. My rest: This quote from Psalm 95:11 demonstrates that this rest is God’s; it is His rest. God finished His work of creation long before Israel came into Egypt or before David wrote Psalm 95 (Genesis 2:2). Yet, although the works were finished from the foundation of the world, He still spoke of “My rest” – demonstrating that God still has this rest.

  • This rest is after the pattern of God’s own rest on the seventh day from all His works, as described in the quote from Genesis 2:2.  

  • In a certain place reminds us that ancient scrolls were somewhat unwieldy, and specific passages were not precisely cited according to our more modern tools of chapter and verse.    

Based on the Enduring Word Bible Commentary by David Guzik.