How to Enter God's Rest: Hebrews 4


Receiving The Word With Faith  

A. For indeed the gospel was preached to us as well as to them: Hearing God’s word isn’t enough. Ancient Israel heard the word, but it did not profit them because they did not receive it with faith. Hearing gave them the opportunity, but the opportunity only profited if it was mixed with faith.  

B. Mixed with faith: One may hear God’s word and have spiritual experiences, but unless the work of God is mixed with faith it will do no good. This explains why two people can hear the same message and one benefits while the other does not. It also shows that when there is more faith – more of the anticipation of blessing and favor from God – there is more blessing indeed.

  • Adam Clarke on mixed: “It is a metaphor taken from the nutrition of the human body by mixing the aliment taken into the stomach with the saliva and gastric juice… so that on this process, properly performed, depend (under God) strength, health, and life itself.”  

  • Think of the joy Israel had in coming out of Egypt and approaching the Promised Land – and then think of all the graves dug in the desert. A wonderful promise was available but unattained. They came short because though they heard God’s word, it was not mixed with faith.    

Based on the Enduring Word Bible Commentary by David Guzik.