How to Enter God's Rest: Hebrews 4


Come To Jesus Boldly For Grace

An invitation: come to the throne of grace.  

A. Let us therefore come boldly: Because we have a High Priest who is both omnipotent and compassionate, we can come boldly to His throne. Discouraging us from this access is a central strategy of Satan. The devil sometimes wants us to consider Jesus as unapproachable – perhaps encouraging us to come by Mary or by the saints instead of Jesus. Sometimes the devil wants us to think of Jesus as being powerless to help, not as one who sits on a throne in heaven.

  • Boldly does not mean proudly, arrogantly, or with presumption.

  • Boldly means we may come constantly.  

  • Boldly means we may come without reservation.  

  • Boldly means we can come freely, without fancy words.  

  • Boldly means we can come with confidence.  

  • Boldly means we should come with persistence.          

B. The throne of grace: The throne of God is a throne of grace. When we come, we may obtain mercy (this is not getting what we deserve) and find grace (this is getting what we don’t deserve) in our time of need.

  • Ancient Jewish Rabbis taught that God had two thrones, one of mercy and one of judgment. They said this because they knew that God was both merciful and just, but they could not reconcile these two attributes of God. They thought that perhaps God had two thrones to display the two aspects of His character. On one throne He showed judgment and on the other throne mercy. But here, in light of the finished work of Jesus, we see mercy and judgment reconciled into one throne of grace.  

  • Remember that grace does not ignore God’s justice; it operates in fulfillment of God’s justice, in light of the cross.      

C. Find grace to help in time of need: Thankfully, God provides help in our time of need. No request is too small, because He wants us to be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer… let your requests be made known to God. (Philippians 4:6)

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