Journey to the Olympics


Caring for Your Temple


This 8-day plan is based on a series of "Podinars" (podcast/webinar combos) conducted in the spring of 2021. These one-hour sessions give the backstory of athletes pursuing their Olympic dream. Each story has led to a daily devotional with a key principle for living. An action point from this plan is an opportunity to join a prayer team to pray for athletes and the Olympics. The goal is to breathe a breath of fresh air into your prayer life.

In addition to the written devotional, each day contains a short audio excerpt from the athlete as recorded in the Podinar.

Day One Reading

The Bible uses metaphors: places where one thing represents something else. A good example is in Martin Luther's hymn where he uses Psalm 46 for the phrase "A mighty fortress is our God." The Bible has many athletic and running metaphors. The apostle Paul would often talk about running the race or going for the prize. New Zealand Olympian Nick Willis talks about distance running as a metaphor of his spiritual life.

As Nick grew in his faith, his perspective on running changed. It moved from a metaphor to a spiritual discipline. He saw the importance of taking care of his body, his "temple,” with proper rest and nourishment. We all have gifts from God that He wants us to use for Him. For Nick, it is running. For others it may be the gift of leading, serving or teaching. The Bible contains many stories of people who were gifted by God for His purposes. That gift must be cared for and nourished. Take care of your temple. It is more than a metaphor for living. It is a spiritual discipline and calling. 

Live It Out:         

  • Apply: How is your "temple care" going? Are you getting proper rest and nourishment?         

  • Pray: Pray for balance between the various aspects of these athletes' lives to take better.