Learning to Pray the Jesus Way


Why Should We Pray?

Jesus, God in the flesh, Himself needed to pray. He got away to pray. He prayed when He fed and healed people.  He prayed when He was isolated, abused, and left to die. Prayer was the secret sauce of Jesus’ ministry on earth. He didn’t only model prayer, but He also taught us to pray.

Prayer is not an art form but is a way of life. It is communication, and it is entrenched in a greater desire to know God and to hear from Him. We may already pray or maybe you are trying to understand how to pray. Irrespective of what our background or experience looks like, prayer must be woven into the very fabric of our Christian life. 

If prayer is communication, it’s important to know that it’s not just one-way communication. It is a conversation between Your maker and You. It’s intimate and personal, which means that in prayer both sides get the chance to speak and be heard. Jeremiah the prophet urges us to call upon God in order that He would tell us great and unsearchable things? Isn’t that a great honor and privilege? The Creator of the world, God is an all-powerful King wanting to confide in us and speak to us. 

It’s also important to remember that we can ask God for anything. This doesn’t automatically translate to Him giving us everything. It just means that no request is too small or too big to be brought before Him. Someone once said that the greatest tragedy would be all the prayers left "unprayed." Jesus Himself asked His disciples to “ask for anything” in His name!

Every prayer that we pray is like sweet-smelling incense to our eternal God, and so don’t discount your prayers. Pray about everything from the biggest to the smallest things in your life. Prayer includes God in every moment of every day.